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These classes are for artists who have some basic knowledge and art practise, and also for

the experienced artist, who likes to work in the creative environment that a small group

provides, and with some studio supervision, which is by artist Anne Esposito


The group works out of their studio in Port Melbourne.

Contact us :


telephone 9645 3651


Term 1

Wednesday class  12.30-4.30pm   31st January – 11th April (no class

Easter Week)

Thursday class      12.30-4.30pm   1st February – 12th April (no class

Easter week)

Friday class           12.30-4.30pm   2nd February – 13th April (no class

Easter week)

Term 2

Wednesday class  12.30-4.30pm   25th April  -  27th June (This a

public Holiday but we will start the term regardless)

Thursday class      12.30-4.30pm   26th April  -  28th June

Friday class           12.30-4.30pm   27th April  -  29th June

Term 3

Wednesday class  12.30-4.30pm  11th  July - 12th September

Thursday class      12.30-4.30pm  12th  July - 13th September

Friday class           12.30-4.30pm  13th  July - 14th September

Term 4 (allows for 1 week extra for exhibition)

Wednesday class  12.30-4.30pm  26th September - 5th December

Thursday class      12.30-4.30pm  27th September - 6th December

Friday class           12.30-4.30pm  28th September - 7th December